What You Need to Know about Pushpay

What is Pushpay?
Pushpay is the service that we have decided to use for integrated giving options, including mobile and online giving. This allows our church to accept gifts more efficiently, but also gives you the option to give when, where, and how you feel led. We have already begun using Pushpay among our leadership and now it’s available to you as well!

How do I use Pushpay?

You can access Pushpay two ways:
TEXT: ‘calvaryerwin’ to 77977 to access online giving on your mobile phone.
ONLINE: https://pushpay.com/pay/calvaryerwin

How safe is Pushpay?

Pushpay was designed with security in mind. In addition to PCI DSS Compliance, Pushpay has invested in independently tested, bank grade payments infrastructure. Credit card numbers are not stored by Pushpay, but instead each credit card is tokenized by the gateway and the token is stored. This ensures credit card numbers cannot be exposed via security intrusions or accidental data exposure.

Why should I use Pushpay?

Setting up donation information with Pushpay is easy! It’s free for you, and allows you to give when you feel led. Giving through Pushpay helps us track giving more efficiently, too.

Do I have to use Pushpay every Sunday?

No. You can set up your own recurring donation so that you don’t have to use your phone every Sunday. Or you can fill out an offering envelope with your information and we will set up a single or recurring gift on your behalf.

How can I participate in service if I gave online?

During the offering, you can use the offering envelopes to write “I gave online” on the front of the envelope. There is no need to write your giving amounts on the envelope if you are giving this way.


Does the admin function have ability to lock out some users from viewing individual giving? We only want a very select few to see individual contributions.
There is currently only one “level” of administrative access. For those who are not interested in seeing in-depth financial information, I would be happy to revoke their access. The only other reason why someone on your team would need/want access to the Pushpay Admin Portal would be for 5 Steps of Success resources, which can be sent via email and shared amongst the team. More research on this…may be able to have roles within the PushPay Admin: https://care.echurchgiving.com/hc/en-us/articles/219097548-Pushpay-Administrator-Roles

Can we offer the option for the giver to pay transaction fees? Check box on the giving page
I can enable what is called Donor Covers Fees for both online and text giving. This would allow the giver to opt-in to paying a 2.2% fee to cover processing rates. The 2.2% rate is fixed, regardless of the payment method that the individual uses. Let me know if you are interested!

For text giving, how does a person with a non-Smartphone setup to give using text giving?
Since the text giving experience routes givers to a web browser for mobile giving, the individual must have internet access on their phone (e.g. smart phone) in order to give via text message. For those who do not have a smart phone, they can give from their computer/laptop/tablet using the online giving

Can funds be linked to different bank accounts…a couple of our designated funds are in separate bank accounts.
Each giving page can only have one bank account tied to all of its funds. I do have the ability to create an additional giving page (for $29/month) that is tied to a different bank account. But in my opinion, this should only be executed in instances where the church is multi-campus and needs a giving page for each campus. Otherwise, it just becomes confusing for the giver to decipher which page they need to visit based on their fund preference. My recommendation would be to move the money to the appropriate account once it has been deposited. The good news, is that within the Transactions tab in the Admin Portal, you have the ability to pull reports.