Hello Church family! I hope this caller finds you doing well! I just wanted to give you a quick update from the youth ministry.
The first part of the year was quite eventful. We started off the year at Passion, which was an awesome experience. 70 students went and what’s amazing to me is that the students are still living out what we learned and experienced at Passion. Right
after Passion, 15 of us went to Belize. It was a blessing to say the least. Watching these young people put into practice the things they have read and been taught was truly amazing. From the moment we left and up until now they haven’t been the same. I think for me the most amazing aspect of the trip is their desire to bring home what they did there. We have meetings coming up with several local agencies to try and serve our local communities. This is beautiful because it correlates beautifully with our church wide focus of serving “Our Jerusalem”. We are focusing this year on serving.

Our desire is that every student that graduates from the youth ministry will be serving in some sort of ministry to help our community and church out.

Later this year we will have a church wide push to be “for Unicoi” and this is something that we are already promoting and starting within the youth group. We don’t want this to simply become a slogan; we want it to become a lifestyle. We are teaching, leading, and encouraging the students to live out “for Unicoi” so that there isn’t a disconnect between our words and our actions. Serving takes the words of Jesus and puts them into action.

We are encouraging the students to serve wherever they are. We want them to be intentional and purposeful in sharing the gospel and being the love of Christ. So please continue to pray for these students and our church family.

Please be intentional in praying for our community; pray that God will soften their hearts and open up doors for us to share the gospel with them.

We love you!
Thanks for being awesome!!

In His love,
Ciralsky family