Hello Church family! Over the past few weeks I have really been focusing on two phrases and I wanted to share them with you this month. The two phrases are, “You are created on purpose and for a purpose,” and “True love shows up!”

In Isaiah 43 God is speaking and he reminds us that he created us for his glory! Then throughout much of the New Testament we read that we have a divine purpose; that we were created to bring God glory. Many people wrestle with this idea of “what am I supposed to do with my life,” and these verses bring the answer to light. No matter what we do, we do everything for the glory of God. In Matthew 5; we are told to let our light shine, so others will see it and praise our father in heaven. In Eph. 2; we are told that we are to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. So for us, as believers, the answer to the question of what’s my purpose is simple. No matter what we do, we do everything with God in mind. Knowing that God created us on purpose and for a purpose gives our lives value, worth, and meaning.

Knowing this truth leads right into the second phrase, which has really become an anthem for my life. True love shows up! Think about the most famous verse of all time. When we needed God most, God sent Jesus to us! Jesus showed up when we needed him most! In John 13, Jesus himself tells us that the world will know us by the way we love. He then calls us to love the world as he loved us. If you go back throughout the gospels and read Jesus’ story, you will soon pick up that he always showed up. So about a year ago, we started trying to put this simple but powerful truth into action. When people needed to be loved, we didn’t just text them, we didn’t just call them, we didn’t just pray for them, but we showed up and were present with them.

There is such power in presence, and showing up when people needed it is an amazing way to be the love of Christ. This phrase has literally led me across the country, to another country, and into many homes of people around the tri-cities. So my challenge to myself and to those who read this is simple. Let’s start showing up and being exactly who we were created to be. We were created on purpose and for a purpose, and the best way to live that out is to show up and love like Jesus loved. Let’s be intentional in our prayers for the lost, but we don’t stop there. Then we must be intentional with our actions, attitudes, and behaviors. Let’s pursue our community with the gospel. Let’s stand arm and arm, young and old alike, united in one purpose! Praying for and pursuing the lost and helping them fall in love with Jesus! Are you ready to get started, if so pray this prayer, “Send me to where your love is needed!”

Love you guys