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David Crutchfield

Senior Pastor

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Pastor David Crutchfield accepted the call as Senior Pastor for Calvary Baptist Church on April 17, 2005. Prior to that, David served with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention in Eastern Europe for eight years in the country of The Republic of Moldova. This is where David met his wife Janna, they wed and moved to East Tennessee. They have six children, Jonathan, Daniel, Anna, Nathanael, Elizabeth and Malachi. David received a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Retirement Years

There is nothing as refreshing to a younger Christian than listening to an older child of God who has been tried by fire, whose faith has been put to the test, yet who praises God for His faithfulness.  There are many biblical accounts that show God for who He is to...

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Identity Theft

As much theft as there is in the world, it is possible that you've been targeted by some Russians, they took your credit card and went on a spending spree.  Maybe someone got your social security number and hacked your private information and you are no longer you? ...

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The Beauty of Freedom

July 4th is our Nations Birthday.  We celebrate the freedom from tyranny, taxation without representation, and our founding document, The Declaration of Independence.  How thankful Americans are for the sweet freedoms we all enjoy.  Things have a tendency to collect...

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